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The Missile Crisis That Never Ended

The Presidency of John F. Kennedy, which lasted less than 3 years, was perhaps the most dramatic in history.  His election, which at the time, was the closest ever, was marred by allegations of ballot-stuffing from the Chicago political machine.  A key election issue was the so-called "Missile Gap" amid the paranoia that existed at the height of the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

A key figure in the entire episode with Cuba and the USSR, was none other than a 13 year old boy, Julio Antonio del Marmol.  Last week, we introduced Dr. Marmol and some of his intelligence operations in this piece:

Yes, it does sound far-fetched for a boy not old enough to shave to be an intelligence operative.  Send a boy in to do a man's job?  If you think about it, who better?  Who'd suspect a 13-year old?  Not Castro!  He gave young Julio, whom he considered a "pet", unfettered access to Cuba's military bases.

Del Marmol's uncle, who had direct contact to U.S. intelligence, recruited him to use his incredible access to gather highly sensitive information.  At first, young Julio was tested by being provided with a camera spy pen to take pictures at the military base.  This vintage spy equipment still exists, and can be reviewed here:  In case you're wondering, Del Marmol was NOT given a shoe phone.  That privilege was saved for Maxwell Smart.

The camera pens used by Del Marmol contained several pictures each and were passed on to his uncle who then, in turn, passed them on to U.S. intelligence.  Del Marmol's early work produced what he believes are the first photographs of nuclear weapons brought in from Soviet merchant ships for assembly in Cuba.

As these were reviewed by analysts at the Central Intelligence Agency for authenticity and found to be legitimate, Del Marmol was then shipped boxes of pens to then photograph the surrounding areas, landmarks, road signs, Soviet trucks and everything else needed to fully comprehend the unfolding military threat to the south.

As early as August 1962, the United States officially suspected the Soviets of building missile facilities in Cuba.  During that month, its intelligence services gathered information about sightings by ground observers of Russian-built MIG 21 fighters and light bombers.  U-2 spyplanes found surface-to-air missile sites at 8 different locations.

On Monday October 15, 1962, the CIA's National Photographic Intelligence Center reviewed the U-2 photographs and identified objects that they interpreted as medium range ballistic missiles. By Friday, October 19, frequent U-2 spy flights showed 4 operational sites.

History reports that an agreement was reached by which the USSR would remove and dismantle Cuban missiles in exchange for a pledge by the United States NOT to invade Cuba plus the removal of American nuclear weapons from Turkey.  At this point, Dr. Marmol's information varies dramatically from the history books.

According to Del Marmol, nukes were NEVER actually removed from Cuba.  In fact, over the last 5 decades, he contends that Cuba now has built an arsenal of several hundred intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBMs) and an atomic submarine fleet. 

He further contends that the United States has been well aware of Cuba's and the USSR's deception, but remains mum so as not to admit to the failings of its own intelligence and to prevent the unnecessary alarming of the population.

For public comsumption, Cuba in 2002 signed on to the United Nation's policy of non-nuclear proliferation and issued this press release, calling the United States, the sole nuclear power of the Americas.

So, while the United States and United Nations continue to wring their hands about the nuclear programs of North Korea and Iran, neither of which has the ability to reach the our shores, a silent and fully-armed enemy lies less than 100 miles away with the ability to wipe out our largest cities.

An ongoing standoff has remained in place for nearly 5 decades.  Cuba is safe from invasion and while Castro may be certifiably insane, he is NOT suicidal.  Instead, the export of Castro's revolution is done through client states in Central and South America.

The threat from Cuba is far greater than just the ability to inflict military damage.  Castro's forces are active in regime de-stabilizing activities in key "friendly" countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.  Venezuelan strong-man Hugo Chavez is already a Castro disciple.

How do we know that Del Marmol's information about ongoing Cuban military strength is true?  Admittedly, his information is circumstantial, but he points out that the United States has been the sole super military power for years and has left Cuba untouched while acting as policeman all over the world in places such as Bosnia, Sudan, Ethiopia and others despite Cuba's proximity to our shores.

According to Del Marmol, Cuba's plan is to export its revolution to the United States without firing a single bullet.  How are they doing this?  For one, they are sponsors of militant groups such as "The New Black Panthers".  They also have masked operatives who attend illegal immigration rallies in key border states Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California who intentionally incite violent riots.

It is believed that Cuba is the ringleader of "The Three Continental Union" comprised of entities in Africa, the Americas and Asia.

It's no secret that our way of life is in jeopardy from American-hating countries in the Middle East, the Taliban and North Korea, a patient and quite potent enemy lies barely a stone's throw away. 

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