Saturday, January 9, 2010

Economic Signs Are Pointing Up!

The economic recovery is very well under way according to a slew of recently released data.

Economist Chris Varvardes of Macromedia Advisors, LLC, estimates the U.S fourth quarter Gross Domestic Product grew at 5.4% annually!

Overall Chistmas sales grew by 3.8%, a vast improvement over last year's numbers which FELL by 3.4%!
Various retailers reported their own stats.  TJMaxx led the pack with same store sales rising a whopping 14%, while giants Ross, Nordstrom and Saks came in at 12%, 11% and 9.9% respectively!  Only JCPenney and Abercrombie & Fitch both FELL by 3.8% and 19% respectively!

Even John Williams ( reports that some economic facts are improving, albeit from his accurately adjusted factors.  He estimates the Payrolls FELL by 500,000 rather than as reported 85,000, but is a vast improvement over prior numbers he has computed. 

Marko's Take?  Things are looking up!

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