Friday, October 22, 2010

Reid His Lips: No Global Depression

You gotta LOVE them Democrats!  Al Gore, for example, not only invented the internet but also concocted the fraud popularly known as "Global Warming".  Of course, he has slightly forgotten the facts and chosen to conveniently appeal to voter's emotions  Sorry, Al, but your nose is growing!

Now Harry Reid, soon-to-be outgoing Senator of Nevada is taking credit for single-handedly preventing a Global Depression.  Ridiculous?  Here is Mr. Reid telling us that:

Mr. Gore and Mr. Reid brilliantly never allow the facts to get in the way.  Mr. Reid's constituents, however, may politely disagree.  New data on Las Vegas' economy would tend to cast a wee bit of doubt on his preposterous assertion.

Joblessness in Las Vegas reached a record 15%  in September, even as unemployment in Nevada stayed unchanged in the month, according to new numbers from the state Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation.

Despite worsening local conditions, the state's jobless rate failed to rise for the first time since January. Unemployment in the Silver State stayed unchanged in September at 14.4% . On top of being the first stabilized state number in 2010, it's only the second time the jobless rate remained steady since the recession's beginning in December 2007.

Las Vegas also happens to be the home of the one of the absolutely worst real estate markets in the nation.  Enquiring minds, especially the sagacious readers of "Marko's Take", wonder how Mr. Reid could possibly have had any positive effect on the entire planet, when the rather small town of Las Vegas could be suffering so.  Would someone out there in reality-land please send him this blog?

Last I checked, unemployment in Las Vegas and in the entire country for that matter, was well in excess of 20%, especially when the phony stats are adjusted for incidental factors such as folks that have given up looking for a job, because it's practically impossible.  All you have to do is subscribe to the wonderful publication known as "ShadowShats" ( to understand the ongoing fraud known as government economic statistics.  Talk about an oxymoron!

Or, if Mr. Reid would consult one of the Democratic Party's best known benefactors, Mr. Warren Buffett, he might come up with a different conclusion  Ironically, I have yet to hear back from Warren on this open letter.  Could he be in Margaritaville with his nephew, Jimmy?

Mr. Reid, as the Soup Nazi would say "NO SOUP FOR YOU!"

Marko's Take

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