Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who Is Gary Johnson? (Part 2)

Ok, so his track record as Governor of New Mexico is distinguished. That's all in the past.  But, where does he stand on various positions?  Do they comport with those already expressed in this column?

From his website http://ouramericainitiative.com/issues/economy.html.:

On The Economy: Among other things, Johnson wants to slash government spending, cut taxes, end the costly adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq, vastly reduce and reform entitlement programs, curb the excesses of the Federal Reserve's involvement in the financial system, end government subsidies, curtail goverment interference and vastly simplify the tax code.  (I'd prefer he completely abolish the Federal Reserve.  Maybe Gary ought to watch this: http://www.youtube.com/markostaketv#p/u/5/JiGA8XeZbUo.)

On Civil Liberties:   "The government should not intervene in the private lives of individual citizens unnecessarily. Personal liberty and freedom from unwarranted governmental control or regulation should allow law abiding individuals to pursue their own desires as long as they are not causing harm to other people."  (This extends to anti-marijuana laws, which Johnson adamantly opposes.  Johnson does NOT advocate legalizing other drugs.  On that particular sub-issue, "Marko's Take" respectfully disagrees.)

On Defense: "The United States should only be involved in just causes and should not engage in or risk military action except when needed to protect it’s specific interests. All defense budgets should be reviewed and balanced the same as any other governmental budget."  (Sounds like Teddy Roosevelt to me.  Speak softly and carry a big stick.)

On The Constitution:  "We believe that the Constitution should be interpreted according to its original meaning. After great deliberation, the Founders clearly based the blueprint for our government on the fundamental idea that there must be strict constraints on Federal power — an idea from which we have strayed much too far. We believe that the proper balance needs to be restored between the different branches of government. This includes the rights of states." (I assume that, in order for this to come to pass, there will have to be a major reform of the megalomaniacal Supreme Court).

On Education:  While not specifically addressed on the website, Johnson's actions as Governor indicate that he is a strong proponent of school vouchers in place of our public funding of education. "With regard to school reform, I believe that New Mexico, along with most states in the country, is year after year after year showing just a little bit less when it comes to the results from its schools. I know of no other area in our lives where this phenomenon occurs except in public education. On the other hand, higher education in this country is unquestionably the best in the world, and we should make public education a little bit more like higher education."

"I think you accomplish that through the issuance of vouchers to every single student in the state, bringing competition to public education and allowing children to choose schools much as they choose in higher education today."

Johnson is not a Libertarian idealogue.  Many traditional Libertarians believe in virtually no army, and other "ultra" small govenment concepts that place them not too far from anarachists.  Johnson is an economic pragmatist.  He views every political decision as boiling down to cost/benefit analysis.  That's wise.

Marko's Take?  Government is NOT inherently bad.  But, a Government that creates the wrong incentives, uses its power for self-preservation and restricts the freedoms that the Founding Fathers intended us to have IS a bad Government.  However, established properly, a smaller Government will be a MUCH BETTER Government and one that will be a partner, rather than an adversary of the citizenry.

Marko's Take

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  1. I can't agree with you more on your take today Marko... Good government has existed before, and it can happen again with the RIGHT people at the helm. I also like what you said about Gary Johnson not being a Libertarian idealogue - that's exactly what I like about him, and that would make him very appealing to the main stream...


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