Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Califoria Crisis Deepens... Part 5"

Governor Schwarzenegger is begging the Obama Admistration for $21 billion dollars in relief to offset the state's looming budget shortfall.  Nearly all of the solutions which the Governor could take have already been enacted. 

The legislature and the Governor remain at odds.  They are heavily weighted with Democrats who oppose further budget cuts.  Governor Schwarzenneger is a Republican and is adamantly opposed to further tax hikes!  YIKES!

But there are opportunites to preclude this mess.  First off is the 2010 election, which is likely to change the political mix in its entirety.  We must, as voters, facilitate a change in the form of governance through the ballot box.  After all, it was the utter stupidity of voters in approving a variety of ridiculous measures in the first place!

Under current policies, even a relatively small cadre of the minority party can thwart any changes.

Preschool programs, after-school programs, a stem-cell program, new prisons, new bond issues and borrowing to balance the budget were ALL approved at the same time!  Sure, they may be worthy causes, but come on!  At the time, these very same voters gave the "thumbs up" to a special-interest tax break.  HELLO???

One proposal that is "ready to go" institutes open primaries, allowing the top two candidates of either party to run in the general election.  Hopefully, this will "put the brakes" on the current extremism existing today.

If you believe this to be confusing, join the club!

Tomorrow, I'll cover a lighter note, in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl.  I'll "tackle" the worsening situation taking place in major league sports.


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