Wednesday, December 23, 2009

War With Iran Imminent?

Unfortunately, it would appear to be.  At least according to measures passed in the House of Representatives and various foreign intelligence agencies.

Last week, the House overwhelmingly approved a measure to put in place further sanctions on Iran.  Should this bill pass the Senate, the U.S. will no longer do business with any country engaged in either selling refined petroleum products to Iran or helping them with their ability to refine oil.  While this motion was passed as a means of AVOIDING war, the most likely outcome will be to TRIGGER a war.

Sanctions are already a form of war, although non-violent.  They unfortunately reveal a certain level of hypocrisy by a country that preaches the virtues of free trade:  The U.S.

Let's say all of this happened to us.  Wouldn't we take such actions as a virtual declaration of war?

We would not tolerate covert operations designed to foment regime change. The U.S. has been doing this in Iran for years.

Most alarming is the probability that should war occur, it would be nuclear.

According to a top Pentagon official, an upcoming U.S. missile defense system drill would simulate an Iranian attack - a departure from similar drills aimed at thwarting an attack from North Korea.

According to Lt. General Patrick O'Reilly, an Iranian attack would be more problematic than one from North Korea because a missile fired from Iran COULD reach the U.S., whereas a Korean missile would likely land on themselves!

The test is scheduled for January and will cost $150 million.  During the maneuver, the U.S. will fire an interceptor missile from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California at a mock Iranian missile fired from the Marshall Islands.

Iran has been testing a "neutron initiator", a key element in producing nuclear weapons.  A neutron initiator has absolutely no civilian purpose.  Last Sunday, The British Times claimed it had obtained confidential  documents from "Asian intelligence agencies" that the nuclear device had been  recently enabled.  The intelligence reveals that the initiator has been undergoing development since 2007.

Thus, it would seem that all sides have given up on a diplomatic solution.   I pray neither country acts.

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Marko's Take


  1. Dude, a war with Iran is inevitable whether sanctions are imposed or not, unless the ongoing revolution is successful in the near term. The country is hell-bent on acquiring nukes for purposes that are not in any way friendly and whether we start something or not, they certainly have ill intentions in mind. They've shown zero interest in diplomacy and as misguided as the administration has been in attempting to engage, the practical effect has been to demonstrate once and for all that the mullah's lack of interest in "diplomacy."

  2. Marko posted :
    "The test is scheduled for January and will cost $150 million. During the maneuver, the U.S. will fire an interceptor missile from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California at a mock Iranian missile fired from the Marshall Islands."

    I hope not, because if they miss, it may land
    in my wine cellar after penetrating the roof !

    Actually, the missiles are always sent aloft from VAFB and the interceptors from Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. That way, when they miss, no harm is done and, more importantly, no one is there to report the failure publically.

    For the ballistically challenged, the "intercept" occurs a hundred miles above millions of miles of Pacific Ocean. Plenty of room for error, unlike with the Fed & the PPT.

    Note to DHH :
    Please consider the U.S. has been in conflict with Iran since 1953 when the CIA deposed their chosen leader and put the Shah in the seat of power. The Iranian Revolution in 1979 was the response to that regime change by the U.S. a quarter century earlier.
    Soon after, another CIA operative waged an eight year war on Iran all during Reagan's presidency. His name - Saddam Hussein.
    Now tell us, after all that, who should be feeling like the injured party?

    Note to Marko :
    Keep posting, we're reading - every day.

    All the best,

  3. Rocket Man: Thanks for the elaboration! Are you an Elton Johh fan per chance?

  4. DHH:

    Also quite true.....glad to see you visit these parts!


  5. RM--Every bit of what you say is entirely true. And entirely irrelevant. The current regime has proven itself hostile to all players in the neighborhood (other than its current "allies"), to the US and to Western civilization in general. The current leader's comments demonstrate a religious fervor that border on apocalyptic.

    Should we infer from your observations that you're perfectly OK with the mullahs obtaining nukes and threatening their neighbors?


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