Monday, December 14, 2009

Rethinking The American Dream

For as long as I can remember, the United States has been known as the "land of opportunity".   The "American Dream" was a popularized notion that even the poorest of immigrants and citizens could realize untold success in the United States, by virtue of the opportunities afforded by our free and entrepreneurial spirit.

Unfortunately, that's all changed.  Not only have some of the liberties we once enjoyed been taken from us,  but America has now become a complete horror show.  Just take a look around and you'll see all the "For Lease" or "Going Out Of Business" signs.  In so doing, you'll become aware of the trememdous pressure this formerly accommodating economy has been putting people through.

Small businesses are failing in droves.  The very driver of our  previous economic miracle had been via small business, be it a garage, which would ultimately create many millionaires, a la Microsoft, or some housewife's notion that garage sales could be taken national, like EBay!

Now, the "American Dream" has been reduced to mere survival!  Sadly, while innovation continues, the means of financing and promoting that innovation has been thwarted by the only beneficiaries of the current admistration's efforts.  OUR  BANKS!!!!  Statistics are unequivocal in demonstrating an utter reluctance to lend plus a regulatory effort to furthur impose roadblocks to lending.

This makes me want to SCREAM!

Economists, as a whole, are notorious for their bumblehood, but they DO agree that small business and innovation are the key drivers of economic growth.

Sadly, the adminstration has done precious little to help the plight of small business while rallying around the "boy's club", which includes some of Wall St., the Federal Reserve and the administration itself.

Clearly, the administration knows better.  I'm just a regular guy in Los Angeles.  On the other hand, the boy's club has all the true information at ITS fingertips.

All I can suggest at this point is the ballot box.  The election of 2010 can send the greatest possible message to our "benefactors".   Please vote!  Please vote!  Our future DEPENDS on it!

I apologize if my ramblings have come across as hyperbolic.  My intention was to demonstrate the passion that this issue raises in me.  If nothing else, tell your friends, leave a comment and let the power of social networking do it's miracle.

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  1. and I'm just a regular gal, working to keep a small business (that's getting smaller every quarter) away from the looming taxes planned to pay for the recovery.


  2. Jenny:

    I know exactly how you feel. Virtually everyone I know with a small biz, is barely making ends meet. While those with LARGE businesses, such as GM, Fannie Mae, AIG, etc. are bestowed with a showering of affection at our expense!



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