Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Very Simple Trading Strategy For Gold: Version 2.0

Regular readers may recall two blogs I recently wrote:  "A Very Simple Way To Trade The Very Tricky Gold Market (http://markostake.blogspot.com/2009/12/safe-way-to-trade-tricky-gold-market.html-to-t)  and "Tips On Grabbing Higher Yields" (http://markostake.blogspot.com/2009/12/tips-on-grabbing-higher-yields.html).

I now wish to combine these approaches for an ever BETTER result.  As you may recall from the Trading piece, I suggested a methodical approach to protect your profits while still retaining a substantial exposure to Gold.  In the other piece, I suggested some risk-free approaches to earning higher yields than the paltry ones available today.

So, here's how the two combine:  As you lay off your exposure to Gold via GDXJ, purchase the ETF whose trading symbol is "TIP".  That way, you'll begin building a yield generating instrument in your portfolio!  Keep repeating the process and you'll enhance your Gold exposure with income!  Done correctly, you can not only realize tremendous riches from the Gold, but simultaneously create passive income of substantial size.  It might even rise so high as to provide you with a bona-fide SALARY!!

So, once this process is completed, you might be able to retire!

Ideally, this should be done within the confines of an IRA, but as Archie Bunker would say "que seru seru"!

Now, how can you possibly beat them apples?

Tomorrow, I intend to revisit the prospects and liklihood for economic recovery since Christmas sales have now been reported.

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  1. Don't take silence personally. Sometimes it's just the sound of us pondering our situations and realizing how profoundly screwed we are.

  2. Speaking of silence - are YOU making money on your advises? Are YOU a good catch????


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